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The conclusion is where your students will reiterate the points they have just explained.Make sure they know not to introduce any new arguments here.Here are seven steps for teaching essay writing to ESL students.

The conclusion is all about driving your message home to the reader.

The can, however, end with a point that encourages further thinking from the reader.

Have them brainstorm some ideas and draft a rough outline.

This is the section of the essay where the writer needs to get the reader’s attention, and then briefly explain what they will be arguing for.

These resources can help your students write, edit, and proofread an essay.

One very good way to write a convincing essay is to follow the rule of three.Or, they could open things with a quotation that is relevant, interesting, and maybe even inspirational.If the student has come across a particularly interesting fact, they could use that to open things up as well.As your ESL students become more and more fluent, it’s time to start thinking about practicing more complex forms of writing, such as essays.Essays are a great way for them to refine skills such as organizing information, doing research, and presenting an argument.There are a few good ways of piquing a reader’s interest in the introductory paragraph.If it suits the tone of the essay, a joke can be effective at getting the reader’s attention.Teach your students that people are much better at remembering things when they hear them three times. This rule is why you state your points (introduction), explain them in your main body, and then reiterate them in your conclusion.Some of the most memorable quotes from history are memorable because of the rule of three. Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Writing essays is a great way for your students to learn and refine some more advanced writing skills.Go over how to write simple, compound, and complex sentences.They need to be familiar with these, because they are the building blocks of more complex writing, such as essays.


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