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It is tradition for women to remain virtuous until married.

Failure to do so results in general scorn and dishonor.

So in order to amend their In the novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, two of the main characters are Santiago Nasar and Bayardo San Roman.

Santiago Nasar is introduced to the reader in chapter 1 of the novel and Bayardo San Roman is introduced to the reader in chapter 2.

It will be revealed here that hypocritical honor codes are to blame for this gruesome act.

Throughout the novel, each person in the village is given a chance to prevent the murder; still little is done to stand in the way of the perpetrators of the crime.In reality, Santiago is a definite womanizer himself, "nipping the bud of any wayward virgin" (Marquez 104).This follows suit with the town's acceptance of the Angela Vicario naming him to be the one who deflowered her and subsequently dishonored her family's name.The death of the man who they believed had stolen Angela's virginity must pay for his folly and thus redeem the honor of their family.They cannot back out of this obligation, lest they be seen as cowards.Prudencia, Pablo's wife, best illustrates the mentality seen here by saying "I never would have married him if he hadn't done what a man should do" (Marquez 72).Their public announcement of their plans leaves the villagers responsible to do something to prevent them, however the code of honor that redeems a murderous act is so widely accepted that little to...The book can be read as a narrative entailing the sins caused by outdated beliefs or as a tribute of penitence following such a sordid affair.However, the main concern is how an entire town allows a murder to transpire even though it is publicly announced and ample opportunity is given to prevent it.Márquez writes through several characters that honor is love, does not wait to be retributed in dishonor, and once broken, can take critical penalties to gain back.Without the use of this theme, readers would not understand what it means to the Honor in No One Writes to the Colonel and Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Garcia-Marquez Every culture in the world has its own unique set of values that they adhere to in life. Honor is a very important factor in a person life that they will stop at nothing to make sure it is not lost.


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