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Queries never irritate him, and he answers them very politely. Among all teacher Sir Kamlesh is my favorite teacher. He is very sweet, kind heart, lovely and like a friend of all students. That’s why we all love to attend his class regularly. Therefore, he teaches us very kindly and very easily so that we could easily understand our lesson. That’s why he explains all the things very sweetly. On the D-day we were so excited that we kids could not control it. First we kids were allowed to climb for a small height. Stepping on the foot of a mountain to climb it is really exciting.

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He has committed many poems and valuable quotations to his memory.

He is always dressed in simple and yet always looks dignified, attractive and sober. His singing and sweet voice make it an excellent experience to have poetry lessons from him.

This was truly an adventurous journey that I`ve had so far.

Lots of excitement, dangers involved fun and on the whole a great experience was what this journey gifted us.

He is serious and sober and yet he has much sense of humor. His talks are educative, interesting and full of literary references and anecdotes.

He makes a good use of them to make teaching and learning effective and memorable.

We, along with our family friends, on our holidays planned our trip and started preparations for it.

We used to do our daily exercises so that it would strengthen our bones and muscles for the climb.

276 Words Essay on My Favourite Teacher A teacher is the one who is known as the base of our future or we can say teacher is the one who shows or teaches us the path of life.

He has the wonderful ability of being able to motivate students in a down-to-earth way. He treats students like friends, understands them and solves their problems in the best possible and easiest way. After giving my exams, I decided to improve my English. The greatest thing I learned from him is that I could do it; a voice to believe in myself.


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