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The move was praised by both sides of America’s political divide.

It is entirely appropriate for him to do so, for as Dyson points out, President Obama earned nearly unanimous black support, yet spent his time in the White House largely unwilling to confront the entrenched white supremacy that plagues black communities.

Indeed, Dyson argues that the racial neutrality that Obama displayed was born of a political calculation to avoid “white ire” while “he has worried little about losing black support” (5).

The world is a deceitful and fickle as is the character of most people. He is charming and tolerant of different races and stances.

However, some individuals veer away from the status quo. Secondly, Obama’s achievements are diverse and plausible; he developed unorthodox foreign policies and signed landmark bills into law.

He openly castigated and mitigated stories that involved his daughters’ misdemeanor.

Such events are a culmination of what true parenting and devotion to family Dyson’s scholarly effort to bring race to the center of our understanding of the Obama years by elucidating the president’s challenges, successes, and shortcomings.While he is mostly very successful in this endeavor, Dyson’s analysis tends to gloss over the unprecedented obstructionism that President Obama faced during his two terms, leaving the reader with the distorted sense that the president simply lacked the willpower or courage to improve black America’s position in the United States.From the onset, Obama understood that he was vying against the racial tension in America, as a response, his campaign strategy included his unconditional appeal for the support from all races in the country (Debenedetti).On one occasion, Obama holds up the umbrella for staffers on a rainy day in Washington.However, every once in a while, there comes about a person that swims against the tide: They possess a stunningly clean record and advocate for the unpopular stances.Furthermore, they are lined with a charming character that endears them to most people.Lastly, Obama is best known for his devotion and love for his family.There are numerous instances where the former US president exemplifies the model son and husband.Dyson’s core contention, puzzlingly buried in the center of the monograph, is that Obama’s view of racial politics has three interrelated features: a in which Obama refuses to make white people uncomfortable by identifying whites as responsible for black suffering (156).In concatenating these pieces, Dyson eludes to the possibility that Obama’s policies are rooted purely in political calculation.


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