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It will go through the stages of the theory and some applicable strategies for L2 teachers and learns.

It will go through the stages of the theory and some applicable strategies for L2 teachers and learns.

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The new “ 1” varies from a learner to a another where an “x” can pick something different form a “z ” depending on his background, interest, priority, attention and the way it is presented.

Filtering the learner’s input varies from a stage to another, so a learner of a second language might not need to filter every single input at the early stage.

Yet, second language grammar should not be taught as it is supposed to be acquired in this natural order.

This hypothesis states that acquiring an L2 will be developed automatically allowing the acquirer to monitor his new language grammatical rules and edit the mistakes unconsciously at some stage, which we will see later as “the Monitor”.

The role of filtering the new input increases as the learner have sufficient comprehensive input.

At later stage, when the second language learner masters a lot of L2 rules and have reached the advanced language proficiency, filtering becomes subconscious process.

Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is a critical issue to both teachers and learners of a second language equally.

Thus, teaching and learning a second language has always been of a highly important matter for linguistics who always seek language learning solutions to facilitate instructors’ job and answer educational enquires .

Krashen’s theory of SLA is also called the “input hypothesis”, which answers the question of how a target language acquirer develops competency over time.

It states that a language learner who is at “i level” must receive sufficient and logical input that is at his level “i” and a new “ 1”.


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