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As a society, we are in danger of decimating the earth’s climate through emissions of carbon dioxide, and run risk of emptying nonrenewable resources.

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Wind energy is taken from the flow of the air using turbines or sails and then used to produce power via electronics or mechanics.

Windmills are actually a prime example of mechanical power, as the mill takes the energy of the air flow and converts it. Like solar energy, geothermal energy is also renewable.

Although the cost of a barrel of oil has escalated tremendously during this decade, the world’s thirst for oil has not been quenched.

A number of experts have projected that if the current trend continues uncontrolled, then the world’s demand for oil is likely to escalate by as high as sixty-five percent in the next two decades.

However, it seems as though this in no longer the case.

If the production of fossil fuels is cost effective, then why is it that the world’s consumption of energy far exceeds the amount that is supplied?Usually, it is converted into electricity through the use photovoltaic cells to power household and industrial electrical equipment.The advantages that the use of solar energy brings have made many people to adopt its use.Alternative Energy is still a highly questioned and skeptical concept to many, but initially has been viewed as a more intelligent and efficient way of power.Scientists and environmentalists seek to find a way to avoid the undesirable and harmful effects of fossil fuel use in consideration of global warming impacts.It is important to note that long after the other resources have been entirely exhausted from the face of the earth, solar energy will still be present. Some people have claimed that it is more cost effective to generate energy using fossil fuels.This has made renewable energy sources, such as the wind and sunlight, to go untapped.Adequate exposure to sunlight has valuable health effects to humans.In addition, since historic times, man has employed the sunlight as a source of generating energy used for various industrial and household purposes.Nonetheless, with the emergence of technology, man slowly turned from increased dependence on solar energy and adopted the use of fossil fuels and other forms of energy generation (Morris, 10).It is of essence to note that, with the depletion of fossil fuels, more emphasis is now being put on the use of solar energy as an alternate energy source.


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