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Her mother had been saving the quilts for Maggie to use after she wed.

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Alice Walker's short story "Everyday Use" is a tightly woven tale that brings together many disparate elements of the story to reinforce the thesis put forward by W. Toni Cade Bambara’s “The Lesson” and Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” explore the Black Empowerment Movement of the 1970’s.

Although slavery had been outlawed for over a hundred years, lack of education and economy proved to be the modern day...

Dee’s arrival makes Maggie so uncomfortable, that she tries to leave the house.

Maggie was also intimidated by her sister Dee, when she was afraid to confront her sister about the quilts.

There are many examples in Alice Walker’s story that supports this view.

In the very beginning of the story one can already see the reason why Tuten disapproved of Dee’s actions and supported the desire of Mama and Maggie to continue with their way of life.Maggie values the family quilts for their sentiment and usefulness.She learned how to quilt from her grandmother and aunt who made the quilts.The two daughters each have opposing views on the value and worth of the different items in their lives.Walker uses this conflict to make the point that the significance of heritage is more important than style; so Mama she decides based upon the When Maggie is first introduced in the story, she is nervous about her sister’s visit.“Everyday Use” is, by far, one of the most motivational and controversial of her works. Everyday Use by Alice Walker In the short story Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, is narration by an African American woman in the South who is faced with the ultimate decision to whom she should give away the two quilts.the construct of cultural identity is addressed through the characters Dee, Maggie, and Mama.It addresses the struggle of seeking an identity as a black person in America in view of the stigma from slavery and... Du Bois that black Americans are trapped in a double consciousness between...On the surface, “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is on one level about a mother’s dynamic relationship with her two daughters, who have conflicting attitudes towards both family and cultural roots. “Everyday Use” from an Antipatriarchal Perspective According to feminist theory, cultural definitions of gender roles can be patriarchal or antipatriarchal (Tyson, 83-86).In the short story “Everyday Use,” Alice Walker depicts her characters'...


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