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The point is that translated works may not represent the major idea that the original author had in mind.For example, in The Gay Science (in German, it sounds as Die fröhliche Wissenschaft), Nietzsche said that “God ist tot!

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Even more, Nietzsche scorns females from time to time.

In Beyond Good and Evils, Nietzsche supposes that Truth itself is a woman, and lots of male philosophers have already tried to comprehend female nature and failed all their attempts.

If God is already dead, he had to be alive some time.

And if he was alive, there should be some reasons for his death. This is why, it is crucially important to think once again how it can be true that God is dead. Taking into account such meanings, it is possible to think that Nietzsche had another thought in mind that not the idea, which is know to lots of people.

” All writers translated this very idea literary, as “God is dead!

” Maybe, it is one of their big mistakes to translate the words with such a serious meaning in a literary way, which can easily confuse the reader.In order to overcome this crisis, it is important to explore truth casting aside all moral, religious, and social principles. All people have the right of choice, and if their choice is to understand the truth of life, Nietzsche is eager to help them and show the right way. Beyond Sovereign Territory: the Space of Ecopolitics. Female nature will never allow herself to be won by men. 3) In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche also tells about Nihilism and its effect on the exploration of truth.The author tells that one of the possible reasons, which do not allow to comprehend everything clearly, is the idea of the old God. 22) And this is what is so crucially important in order to answer the major question – if Nietzsche uses the idea of the dead God in Beyond Good and Evil.In The Gay Science, Nietzsche mentions that God is dead because “we” have killed him. 120) The first question that appears in my who all those “we” – all people or philosophers only. This is why it is possible to find out the similar ideas in Beyond Good and Evil.The major theme in Beyond Good and Evil is the exploration of truth regardless of numerous religious, social, and moral aspects.With the help of a deep analysis of self-perception and religious issues, the reader gets a wonderful opportunity to analyze the truth and its components, to comprehend why truth is so important, and to investigate all spheres of life taking into consideration various perspectives.Nietzsche was the only person who affirmed that “God is dead”. Even if Nietzsche did not concentrate on the idea of the dead God in his Beyond Good and Evil, that very thought is still considered to be present between the lines of the book, just expressed in other words.Nietzsche underlines the fact that only men may understand and delve feels.Women are not able to complete the same task of the same level.


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