Essays On Gay Hate Crimes

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They need to learn to identify hate crimes and improve cultural competency working with LGBT people, including victims as well as all others in the community.

Finally, to improve service provision and deal with crimes against LGBT peoples, ongoing collaborations among police, health care providers, and advocacy and community organizations should be fostered everywhere.

Hate crimes differ from similar crimes not motivated by bias in several important ways.

Specifically, they more often involve multiple offenders, increasing the severity and likelihood of injury to victims.

Laws specifically about hate crimes typically provide for enhanced criminal penalties for perpetrators or offer extra avenues of civil recourse to victims.

Although such laws can expand legal options for victims, they do not prevent individual hate crimes from occurring or reduce the overall incidence of anti-LGBT hate crimes.Timely and accurate data on anti-LGBT hate crimes are also essential to understanding and preventing these crimes.Consequently, the following policies and procedures should be developed to ensure that state and local police departments identify, counter, and accurately report hate crimes: Health care provision to LGBT victims of violence should likewise be improved through increased training for medical care providers.Specific, targeted interventions are necessary to reduce the number of anti-LGBT hate crimes, because these crimes have not leveled off as other crimes have recently done.Young adults are the ones who most frequently commit these crimes, so anti-bullying programs and other educational programs may help to improve the general social climate for LGBT people and, in the process, reduce the biases that spur anti-LGBT hate crimes. When she answered no, the police insisted “that she take a polygraph to prove she was telling the truth” and “focused their investigation on a ‘self-infliction of injury,’” despite hospital reports to the contrary. First they asked whether Mora and her girlfriend had been fighting and if they were on drugs.Although a surveillance video showed the man physically assaulting the women, four of the seven women were convicted of crimes in the incident, with sentences ranging from three-and-a-half to 11 years.How, in the age of anti–hate crime legislation, were these perversions of justice possible?Other policies that promote the recognition of LGBT people as equal citizens — such as legislation recognizing same-sex marriage rights — are associated with reduced rates of anti-LGB hate crimes.And on the other side of the coin, same-sex marriage bans have been associated with higher rates of hate crimes directed against gay and bisexual people.


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