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If was not the alarm activated by one of the friends of the affected patient, she would have passed away.Arguably, there were no grave consequences reaped on this incident; however, one thing that is clear is that medication safety is up stake in many of the health care the attractiveness of the nursing profession and reduced the stress on nursing professionals are taken on an urgent basis (Buerhas, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman & Dittus, 2005).

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In this regard, human factors, which correlate with medication safety, play the major role.

As far as patient safety is concerned, it cannot be overlooked when dealing with such sensitive issue as patient safety.

This has given rise to the notion that the nursing profession is not important, therefore influencing the decision of many people who would have gone into the profession to choose other professions which are deemed to be more important. Unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) may be "cross-trained in a variety of skills such as those required for performing a phlebotomy, taking an electrograph, and changing dressings" (Lookinland, Tiedeman, and Crosson 75).

Together with patient care technicians (PCT) they could work under close supervision of the RN who is accountable for the quality of care.

In this paper, the major concern entails patient care as practiced in any health care services with major focus on medication safety based on analyzing the current issues of patient safety management and understanding the system and human factors in maintaining patient safety.

It is evident from the research that as far as patient safety is concerned, medication safety is one of the major issues that is quite disturbing.

This thesis proposes a change in the number of nurses working in the ICU with focus on how it causes lack of patient safety.

Statement of the problem Throughout the nursing profession, the shortage in the number of nurses in the ICU and its impact of patient’ (“Change Project Proposal: Nursing Shortage In ICU And How It Causes Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from (Change Project Proposal: Nursing Shortage In ICU And How It Causes Essay)

According to the department of health, patient safety needs to be prioritized, as far as health care system is concerned.

The resulting patient safety management knowledge continually heightens improvement efforts to better patients’ welfare such as applying lessons learned from industry and business, educating consumers and providers, adopting innovative technologies, enhancing the error and the reporting systems, and finally developing new economic incentives (Fleming, 2000).


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