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Peter Pan is a wonderful boy who lived in Neverland. I don't agree with him on this … …make Wendy happy and he will stay happy too. At the end of the movie, Captain Hook can't kill Peter Pan because Peter Pan can fly and he is younger than Captain Hook. Peter Pan is 15 years old, and he wants to stay 15 forever, because he thinks that staying 15 will make him happy forever. Captain Hook wants to kill Peter Pan because Peter Pan is his last challenge.

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Sometimes I imagine it growing wings and flying away. But the globe stays still: the scene of my son dressed like a hero, surrounded by water and glitter, suspended in a Neverland.

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His drawn-on mustache is a little smudged, and his eyes are shining, and the snow is falling.

It’s a very sweet gift, and he keeps it on his windowsill in his bedroom.

I want them to be boys who keep their shadows on, and who belong to a future. On the other hand, it’s Halloween and this whole Southern town I live in is riddled with ghosts. Plus it’s no more chilling than sending your son out into the world dressed like a boy who at the end of the story can’t even remember the fairy who drank the poison meant for him. We decide instead he carry a rolled-up piece of green construction paper that says on the outside “I Had a Dream…” “I’ll just be an owl,” says my five year old, Eli. but every morning they sawed it off,” like a boy who wishes to grow up, but is stopped midwish, and turned back around.

About raising mine to be sensitive, and effective, and strange, and lovely, and kind, and funny, and brave. “Some idiot kid,” says my mother, “probably told Noah he can’t be Peter Pan because Noah is black and Peter Pan is white, so he figures his only other choice is to be MLK.” “No, no,” I say. “I know how this stupid world works.” My mother is no Mrs. I sensed she didn’t approve of the story from beginning to end. There is frankly something chilling about sending a seven year old out into the world dressed like a great man in a stiff black suit who was shot in the neck at the age of thirty-nine. And at the center of the room is a Never Tree that tries “hard to grow …

The example of this conflict is the fight of Peter Pan against Captain Hook. In Neverland the adult world is represented by Captain Hook, an enemy to children, though partly childish himself. Besides the direct conflict between Peter Pan and Hook, Barrie shows the connection between the imaginative life, and the solemn, serious concerns of adult people.

The paper describes the dramatic changes, which occurred in the perception of the child and childhood and in the attitude to the child. Barrie was the author, who summed up the almost century-long development of children’s literature in England. Captain Hook is an example of a grownup, who tries to escape the world of adults just like Peter Pan, but his tragedy is that he is an adult already, and can’t return to the world of children represented by Peter Pan.

Noah stands close beside her and he is dead serious, too, as if after she breaks the news he will be the one to show me the pine box where Peter Pan now sleeps. Unlike Wendy Darling who can sew shadows onto the foot of a boy who will never grow up, I can’t sew. Darling, who locks himself in Nana’s dog kennel as punishment for losing his children to Neverland, Peter Pan locks himself in childhood to punish himself for being forgotten by his mother.

The furrow in Noah’s brow deepens and I imagine planting in it ranunculus, heliotrope, chrysanthemum. But weeks before I had ordered the whole costume from Etsy: the green felt hat, the quiver and arrows, the tunic, the brown sash, the green tights. By never growing up, Peter Pan becomes the boy he is forever replaced by. Who forgets that Martin Luther King Jr.’s mother was shot and killed at her organ in a place called Ebenezer, which in Hebrew means “the helping stone.” She was shot while playing “The Lord’s Prayer.” If all the lost boys live in Neverland, then maybe all the lost mothers should live in a place called “The Helping Stone.” I look up Ebenezer Baptist Church’s website.


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