Essays On Raising The Driving Age To 18

The answer is no because there are lots of kids of 12 who are big enough.It must be, then, that we grant the license when a person is mature enough and we have arbitrarily decided that this happens on the 16th birthday. Of course there are some very responsible drivers under the age of 19 and it would be unfair to take away their right -- I mean privilege -- to drive.

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Young drivers often are daring after the drinks of alcohol at night and cause them to lose the control of the car, due to their inexperience.

Drink driving will not only cause driver’s life but may cause one innocent life to lose.

That would usually be matched by an even more hair-raising story.

Just wait a bit It seems to me we must ask ourselves a question. Actually that's easy -- the courts have long held that it's a privilege. Do we extend that privilege to people as soon as they are big enough to drive a car?

Allstate was dubbed "All heart" by those who had a claim only to have their insurance canceled or who were at the business end of a claim against the company.

But here is what caught my eye in The Economist a few weeks ago, "A 16-year-old can't see an NC-17 rated movie, drink alcohol or vote -- but drive a 5,000 pound car at 60 mph? The police are driven to distraction by this epidemic and spend far too much of their time on it.

Secondly, for the aged drivers, government should not lower their age and also check their capability of aged drivers such as eyesight, hearing and other health conditions to save crushes on roads.

Because for some senior drivers have heart failure that cause in roads to lose the control and accident.

No fear I'm not one of those who looks back to my teenage days as unblemished by any stupid behaviour. I got my license when I was 16 and was technically a good driver (the inspector said my reactions were in the top 90 per cent) but had little fear and almost no judgment.

I was involved in several accidents and fortunately no one was hurt.


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