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Juvenile Justice System - Contemporary Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile Detention Alternatives" by William W. Today, juveniles in the United States, though, are considered special cases that require a different adjudicative approach than that provided adult offenders, but it has not always been this way. ixzz27r2Vv LXY. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Constitution extended the protections afforded by the Bill of ights to all American citizens, including juveniles. The writer discusses the start of the system and the major changes that have taken place in the system over the past 100 years.

The community is also criminal-minded because the only thing that these four juveniles find to do is joining a gang.

If this community were founded on morals and principles, a responsible person correct these juveniles before they join a gang.

According to this film, the juvenile justice system is inconsequential in the realms of justice.

Justice systems are meant to correct individuals to make them better citizens who can abide to the law, not to harden them making them hardcore criminals.However, paint the juvenile justice system as a faulty system.After these juveniles kill King Benny, they are taken to Wilkinson Home, a correctional center for reformation.Ten years after they have been released from Wilkinson, they spot Sean Nokes taking some beer in a pub down street in Hell’s Kitchen.They confront him and tell him of what he had done to them ten years ago before shooting him six times. Therefore, it is possible that one incidence, could change a child into an adult criminal just the way Thomas and Mike changed after the torture they went through in the hands of Nokes and his co-workers.However, once these four boys check in Wilkinson Home, they meet unheard brutality in the hands of Nokes, Addison, Styler, and Ferguson, guards at this centre.They are raped, abused, and beaten, an experience that dents these juveniles’ personalities to become hardcore criminals.The community is unfounded because the only person who seems concerned about these boys is Father Bobby, who makes some efforts to look after the boys.The moment Father Bobby loses touch with these boys; they join a gang in the town.This resonates well with the old adage that, ‘together we stand, divided we fall.’ Therefore, friends can lead or prevent delinquent behavior.If three of these boys were not involved in delinquency, chances are that the fourth one would never become delinquent.


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