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For example, don’t make any jokes or comments about the deceased that would be a mystery to the majority of the crowd.How serious or light-hearted do you want the eulogy to be?There is no right or wrong way to write a eulogy: each is as unique as the person giving it and the person it describes.

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If you’re giving a eulogy about a teenager who met an untimely death, then your tone would be more serious than it would if you were giving a eulogy about a grandparent who happily lived to see his ninetieth birthday. But if you do, speak it out to yourself as you’re writing, otherwise your words may sound stilted when you actually come to deliver it.

When we speak normally, we don’t speak in perfect sentences.

The current sense dates from the late 16th century.

(Oxford Dictionary) Start by thinking of the people you are addressing, as well as the person you are describing: the eulogy is about the person, but for the audience. Listening to you will obviously be highly emotional for those closest to the person, and some people will be in tears.

A good eulogy need not be uniformly sombre, just appropriate.

Some eulogy-writers take a serious approach, others are bold enough to add humour.

You may prefer to ask someone else to write it, or perhaps have them on standby to give it for you.

Whatever your thoughts, you should not feel pressured into giving a eulogy or guilty if you feel unable to do so.

Used cautiously, humour can help convey the personality of the deceased and illustrate some of his or her endearing qualities.

The tone can also be partially determined by the way the deceased passed away.


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