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Worldwide, many bacteria are showing resistance to antibiotics.This is becoming a major problem for health care professionals; for example, multiple strains of a potentially deadly bacteria, Staphylococcus aureas, are already resistant to all antibiotics except vancomycin. aureas, which appeared from three different areas of the globe last year, sent shock waves through the medical community (Levy, 1998).

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This should only take you a couple of sentences, but should announce your topic and indicate the type of research questions you will be tackling.JLC tutors see each student as a holistic learner, paying attention to the importance of cognition as well as to the emotional aspects of learning.Academic Support Services include 1-on-1 tutoring with Professional and Peer tutors; group study sessions for particular courses by Classroom Learning Assistants (CLAs); monthly workshops on specific academic and life skills; specialized Learning Labs in math, critical reading and writing, accounting, and math; and online writing support (OWL).In some instances, it might be necessary for you to clarify any key terms or concepts.The best place to do so is near the start of your introduction.This guide is intended to help you organize and write a quality academic research paper.Also included are recommendations regarding how to manage specific course assignments.Escherichia coli (E..coli) is another bacteria that is beginning to show signs of antibiotic resistance.is a rod shaped bacteria which inhabits the human colon, living off organic material which would otherwise be eliminated with the faeces. coli and the other intestinal flora may make up 40% of the mass of faeces and as a result E.coli is used as an indicator species to detect contamination of lakes and streams by untreated sewage. coli is harmless but some strains can cause blood poisoning, urinary tract infections, diarrhoea and kidney failure, illnesses that are more common in people who have weakened immune systems. coli infections can be successfully treated with antibiotics such as ampicillin and chloramphenicol; however, some of the strains, such as those that cause urinary tract infections, have been shown to be resistant to certain antibiotics (Morrell, 1997, Levy, 1998).How does this information relate to the previous information?


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