Food Regulation Essay

(Puddz, 2010) We will attempt to look at some of these issues within the framework of certain theories 1.

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The examples given in the book off strawberry pickers and meat packagers illustrate this example.

Strawberries are a very tender and fragile fruit and require a lot of care and attention when they need to be picked.

However in light of the current state of the food industry, with so many people falling prey to such lifestyle diseases what remains to be questioned is the veracity of this claim. Unaccountable Power explained with the help of Elite Theory The food industry is the most important industry in the world because every other industry depends on it.

Without food to eat no other industry would survive.

The food has been priced so cheap that the average American consumer would choose it over healthier option merely on the basis is price. government has been attempting to make illegal, the publication of any photo of food processing. The book brings to light several issues: Animals being treated like machinery, getting upgrades and tune ups just to be brutally slaughtered. (Puddz, 2010) The question of whether or not people have the right to know about their food and who is responsible to keep it safe.

One would thus be surprised to know how many foods is just a mere rearrangement of corn. Consumers are unaware of how their food is processed and what does it exactly contain.This food industry does not want its consumer to know what exactly it is that they are eating because if they got to know what really goes into the making of their food, they would be repelled by it.The American Food Industry is thus gover ned by the mantra of faster, fatter, bigger and cheaper which thus drives their profits. Coli present in our food because of their presence in the cow’s gut.His work has focussed on many areas which attempt to explain global pandemics such as SARS, AIDS etc.and the increasing health risks associated as technology develops in the area of food production. pollutants, radiations, toxic chemicals that are used in the production of food.The flooding of Californian supermarkets with strawberries therefore is an evidence of the amount of labour that is required to pick them when ripe.The sad irony is that this labour gap is filled by thousands of illegal immigrants who have to do these menial jobs for very low wages and in terrible working conditions.Corporations go to great lengths to protect their names.(Puddz, 2010) Healthy organic food being expensive than junk food thus is inaccessible to the average family.Beck’s Theory in one sense attempts to explain how complex hidden relationships between technology and political institutions has lead to a scenario where the health of the people has been compromised as they have no control or influence whatsoever on the forces of food production. It also subtly appreciates how modernity and scientific technology has managed to gain mastery over what we consume and the communication in this regard.Although this modernist project has managed to rid humanity of it over dependence on nature for survival with the help of technological breakthroughs it has reached a point in its transformations where it is moving into a state of reflexive modernity.


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