Gay Rights Arguments Essay

Gay Rights Arguments Essay-70
Sometimes it is harder for a homo sexual to get a job, as it would be for a heterosexual.

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That isn’t ‘thought policing’ – it’s just what happens when you f**k with a court.

Feel free to try screwing with a court, and we’ll see how it ends up for you.

So If a gay or a lesbian couple goes to adopted a child from a foster home they would have to go though more hassle then a straight couple would.

At Christmas, most people will have to deal with family members who are less educated about LGBT issues.

Four-fifths of Commonwealth countries criminalise gay sex. My five-year-old doesn’t need to hear about gay sex.” 45 percent of primary school teachers report their schools have had problems with homophobic bullying, and a third have heard pupils use terms like ‘poof’, ‘faggot’, ‘dyke’ and ‘queer’.

This can be especially traumatic to kids with LGBT parents or young LGBT kids – who are likely to feel isolated, are more likely to drop out later on, and are even more likely to try and take their own lives.

Equal Rights for Gays and Lesbians If the constitution promises equality before the law, what justification can there be for clearing rights to any member of society?

More specifically what justification can there be for clearing rights to gays and lesbians?

Sometimes homosexuals get the job but they do not have the same rights as any other employee would.

Though out the United States there has been more then a dozen of cases dealing with equal employment opportunities.


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