Genocide Essay Prompts

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But his entire family remained there, as did much of my grandfather’s family.

The third man, Raphael Lemkin, was born in a small town near Wolkowysk, in what is now Belarus.

And in that same city, Sands discovers, the lives of three other people intersect.

Two of them, Hersch Lauterpacht, a professor of international law, and Raphael Lemkin, a prosecutor, had made their way to safety in England and the United States, respectively, and gave us two enduring legal concepts: “crimes against humanity” and “genocide.” The third man, Hans Frank, was Hitler’s personal lawyer and later became governor-general of the Polish territories that included Lemberg-Lviv-Lvov-Lwów.

His kingdom eventually encompassed the province of Galicia, of which the capital was Lviv.

And he made numerous visits, the most notorious of which was in August 1942, when he gave a series of speeches that unleashed the Final Solution in that area.Caught up in the weeks that followed in this act of killing were the families of the other three men.The lives of the three lawyers then converge in the autumn of 1945 in Courtroom 600 at Nuremberg.Most of the main actors in the book have an association with this place.Can you give us a quick sketch of these men: Lemkin, Lauterpacht, and Hans Frank, but also your grandfather?Two of the men are prosecutors, one is a defendant. prosecution team and is pushing the notion of genocide, the destruction of groups.Lauterpacht joins the British prosecution and is promoting the idea of crimes against humanity, the killing of individuals. Among the 22 defendants they have in their sights is Hans Frank.On a warm spring day in New York City, Nancy Lavinia Ackerly, a student from Louisville, Kentucky, sat on the grass of Riverside Park close to the campus of Columbia University.It was 1959, and Nancy was with an Indian friend, enjoying a modest picnic.Sands starts off in pursuit of the life story of his grandfather, Leon Buchholz, who had escaped the Holocaust (most of his family did not) and would eventually, after the war, settle in Paris.The pursuit of family history leads Sands to Leon’s birthplace, the city of Lemberg (as it was called in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; the name would change many times in the 20th century—Lviv, Lvov, Lwów, depending on what country was in control).


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