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If you provide your reader with reoccurring images or phrases, or a running commentary or even a narrative or story, you will create unity that will help your reader better understand your central theme.This can be much like making sure to weave your thesis throughout a traditional essay paper.What this means is that you may want to write about an idea that you studied in history or in science or in health, and not just in English. Therefore, a very personal topic, such as your dog, would not be a good choice. These links must be to information that is relevant and that adds to your readers' understanding of your subject.

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In addition, when we publish our writing on the web, we are sharing our ideas, our feelings, our thinking with others, which creates a web of human understanding. You'll need to be fully engaged in your research -- don't approach it as if you were on a scavenger hunt to find information to spit back in an "academic" paper, because you're not. You'll need to introduce the subject and anything you think the reader should know about you and/or your project before they read it.

So are plays and diaries and cartoons and billboards. It's a collection of pieces written in a variety of genres, informed by your research on a particular subject, that presents one or (more likely) more perspectives on a research question or topic. You could write an editorial, a poem, a dialogue between characters, a letter, a debate.

In addition to many genres, a multigenre paper may also contain many voices, not just the author's. (x-xi) The best way I can describe a multigenre paper is to say that each piece in the paper utilizes a different genre, reveals one facet of the topic, and makes its own point.

Conventional devices do not connect the pieces in a multigenre paper, nor are the pieces always in chronological order.

Repetend is something added to your multigenre web project that repeats or continues.

The purpose of repetend is to create unity among the various genre pieces and to give the writer an editorial voice that the reader can easily relate to.Unlike a traditional research paper, it is more often a powerfully moving paper filled to overflowing with the writer’s own voice. My approach to multi-genre writing has been directly influenced by Tom Romano, author of Blending Genres, Altering Style. They had the option of utilizing multi-genre techniques or creating a traditional research paper. What appears here are excerpts from the chapters in those books. – Mark Twain: Universally Revered American Author Hannah C. Charles Darwin and Two Forms of Evolution The AP English students were tasked with exploring the connection between postmodernism, literature, and contemporary society. Utilizing their writing skills, they created a book-length final product.What do I want to be able to say or express through this genre?If you can't answer that question, you are not ready to work on it.Instead, you'll need to think about what you want to do, for whom, and how best to do that. There must be a minimum of five in-text hyperlinks in the text overall.We want to encourage our students to choose themes/subjects/ideas/concepts from across the curriculum. They may be scattered among the seven genres or clustered in one or two pieces as you deem appropriate.In other words, as the writer you have to be aware of how your reader will read your web.The genres here are linked to examples or descriptions. Before you select a genre from this list, ask yourself, why am I choosing it?


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