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In a socio-economic sense, the Third World refers to countries that failed to develop economically after independence (Pacione, 2009).From the above, we can see that there are some fundamental differences between First World and Third World, which lead to various characteristics of the urbanization process between two worlds.

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To commence with, the speed of population growth of urbanization process in the Third World exceed the First World.

According to the Demographic Transition model (Thompson, 1929) (figure 1) (BBC, 2013), it described the population change in different stages of industrialization and urbanization.

At the beginning of the industrialization, the population growth and the rural migration into urban area are rapid, and then the trend slows down and finally reaches near zero.

First world countries have passed through the second stage after the Industrial Revolution, and most of these countries are in the third stage nowadays while some highly-developed countries like Japan and the US are steeping into the fourth stage.

I will focus on investigating social and economics aspects.

Market Force – The invisible hand Undoubtedly, urbanization has a close relationship to the economic development.

One of the similarities of the urbanization process in First and Third World is that the processes in both places are mainly driven by the economic development.

(Pacione 2009) In 18th century, Industrialization began gaining popularity in Britain.

From the above, we can see that there are two factors for the urban growth and population growth in such a trend, which are the overall urban growth and the population growth.

According to Figure V, the increase in urban population from 19 is nearly the same between urban growth and overall population growth in Philippines and India.


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