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Improving wheat is a major challenge for agricultural scientists.

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The first genetically engineered (GE) food crop (tomato) was introduced in 1995, followed by the successful development and commercial release of maize, soybeans, cotton, canola, potatoes, papaya, alfalfa, squash, and sugar beets with specific new genetic traits.

Furthermore, the genome-edited crops are not yet widely commercialized (Wolt , 2016), and extensive safety data for such crops are not yet available.

Thus, this document focuses on the safety of foods obtained from or produced by the first and second generation GE food crops.

The GE crops developed so far were designed to produce specific agronomic phenotypes such as resistance to insect pests or plant viruses, provide hybrid seed production, or provide tolerance to specific herbicides for better weed control (ILSI Research Foundation, 2017).

Some GE crops (eg, soybean) also have been developed to specifically enhance nutrient content, such as the introduction of high levels of oleic fatty acid (Wilson, 2012).


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