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Biological research has advanced in leaps and bounds, in the past few decades.With the completion of the Human Genome project in April 2003, new tools and techniques have been developed, and are being utilized to study various aspects of biology.

Biological research has advanced in leaps and bounds, in the past few decades.

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The effluents from the factories pollute water bodies, that eventually affect anything and anyone that utilizes the water.

These instances are not only hampering the health of organisms but also affecting the physical world in the form of climate change, global warming, and ozone depletion.

These explanations have given rise to further questions based on the origin and evolution of all biological species, which eventually leads to queries regarding the exact processes occurring within an organism that determine all aspects of its existence, including the impact it has on its environment.

At present, the rising progress in science, medicine, and technology has made positive as well as negative impacts on the planet, as a whole.

In humans, aging brings with it, body frailty, organ weakness, and mental decline.

Research has shown that humans are born with a biological clock that regulates this process of aging.This clock functions by the combination of a steady loss of hexamer telomeric repeat sequences of chromosomes during replicative processes and the accumulation of DNA damage and cellular wastes in an organism during the course of its life.Scientists have researched model organisms such as C.Another way to overcome this problem, is to research and produce newer varieties of these food crops that are resistant and even repellent towards pest populations, while at the same time produce a very high yield with minimum care.Varieties of crops which produce food in more than one season, can also be produced.As more studies are carried out, more theories are put forth to help explain the occurrence of this process, along with ways to prevent and reverse it.The ever-growing human population along with the recent population explosion has caused a dramatic increase in the demand for food crops.Actions that took extended periods of time, can now be carried out easily and within a short time.There is year round availability of goods in all parts of the world.Current scientific research hopes to resolve these negative impacts with biological solutions, while at the same time demystifying and resolving queries related to the biota.Aging or senescence is the collective process through which an organism undergoes multiple physiological changes over the course of its lifetime.


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