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Yes, but a society needs something like public piety—common symbols, stories, and rites that evoke respect, even reverence (although never worship). It was not, as some claim, throwing a sop to black Americans; it was raising a sign for all Americans. He made clear that his dream was a dream of and for America, not against America. Most Americans listened to his thesis, and knew he was right.

Some of those who view history in the light of providential purpose did not hesitate to acclaim him as God’s instrument. King led this country to something like repentance and amendment of life, or at least to nobler resolve. King and the day set aside to honor his memory remain, as they say, controversial. We reject the claim that it is the only reason while readily acknowledging that one reason is racism.

King noticed that hatred, oppression, and the want for true freedom was still apparent throughout the country. During his time, desegregation of the South was viewed by many as an impossible task. King with ridicule, he ignored the negative and still strived to achieve his dream. King’s vision was always present and attempted in the years before him, but none proved to be successful due to strict laws created by southern officials. King used nonviolent methods of protest to not only move the hearts of mankind, but also to inspire youths to pursue their dreams and aspirations. King held many peaceful demonstrations including marches and sit-ins to bring about change.

Instead of sitting there waiting for change, he took action and sparked a revolution that had never been seen before in history. The main intent of the demonstrations was to get a point across peacefully, but some events lead to violence brought forth by the police force and racist organizations.

It may not be bad that we are slow to elevate a historical figure to the status of national exemplar.

In 1983, Congress declared Martin Luther King Day to be a national holiday. King proposed that legalized racial discrimination contradicted fundamental propositions of the American experiment. But he said it with an almost singular power of persuasion.Thus, for example, in the last Congress the Civil Rights Restoration Act was roundly, and rightly, criticized as the Racial Preference Act. They are disgusted with racialist leaders who adamantly press for such measures while ignoring, denying, or excusing the desperate plight of an isolated black underclass, especially in our urban centers. Much pro-abortion agitation about the “crisis” of teenage pregnancy thinly veils a desire to control and, if possible, reduce the black population—especially the lower part of the population that may turn out to be a “drain” on society.The leaders of the public school establishment are determined to perpetuate a destructive educational system to which they would not subject their own children but which is good enough for “them.” “Progressive” hiring and tenure policies in universities are based on the assumption that “they” cannot meet “our” standards, and therefore compromises must be made in the name of affirmative action.His method of nonviolence caused ‘tension’ between the oppressive ‘white power’ and the people of color.Tension was needed between the clashing opposing forces.Sadly, like so many great men before him he passed away before he saw his vision in full effect. King’s dream still lives on today instilled in the heart of every American no matter what race or ethnicity. King accomplished, we see a man who changed the world. will always be remembered in history as a great man. However, it was not just his mentality we have an insight on but also his philosophy, his mantra. He fought against the injustices brought on upon the black people by the ‘white power’ in Birmingham.The result is that many whites, and not a few blacks, are ambivalent about celebrating Dr.King because they, wrongly, identify him with a civil rights ideology that has made a mockery of the movement that he led.This was in the benefit for not only black rights, but for the rights of all oppressed around the world. has proved himself to be a great visionary and drastically impacted the world due to his actions.He pushed and pushed, and eventually saw the hearts of his fellow man slowly change.


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