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While courses such as neuropsychology, physiological psychology and physics taken at the undergraduate level are not required for admission to the program, they may be helpful in preparing you for your graduate studies.Students who are pursuing a degree in occupational therapy need to be aware of certain elements that potentially can impact fieldwork placement, certification, licensure and future employment.

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I think that you have very good credentials and I would think that your experience would be very highly valued. I did, and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to hear back!

I have heard that CSU is mostly concerned with grades and scores, but I think that your work experiences could help put you over the edge. Hi All, I have been accepted into an OT program at a private school and, as OTGURu mentioned, the cost of the program is pretty off-putting.

The OT dept chairperson told me EXACTly what I needed to better my chances.

I followed her advice and got in the following year.

Most are probably wondering what they got themselves into.

I mean, thatamountof loan is almost equivalent to paying a second morgage. And I can see why there are quite a few posts that address this issue.For you, since you have a Bachelor's already, consider retaking some required prereq's to show you wanted to better your GPA; write a kick-ass essay for the OT application, practice your interview skills; Highlight your work/volunteer experience; again, talk to the prospective OT schools you want to apply....making yourself more known will help them paint a picture of how determined you are.... When I was accepted, the OT dept secretary saw me in the cafeteria and asked, "Hey, congrats on getting in!" Mots of the dept remembered as that guy who worked harder at trying to get in, maybe kiss some butt too. I am in the middle of applying to MSOT and MOT programs for fall of 09.I spoke with one recently in the rehab unit of our local hospital who said the hospital was paying consistent with standard wages posted on the BLS website (65-68k annually) to keep competitive with other employers. Unfortuanetly due to some undiagnosed and untreated learning disabilities and getting deployed and loosing my father during college, it left me with a low C average.I have also been told by OT's that A LOT of your salary boils down to how well you can negotiate, so... I did a year of Graduate work in MA in Counseling but stoped because it wasnt what I wanted, and I did get a 3.0 in grad school.I am fairly nervous about getting accepted into the program because my BA in Psych does not lead to any viable career, or for that matter, work that will pay enough to pay back my student loans!Will my work experience mean very much in terms of admittance?Federal and various state laws are in place that preclude persons with criminal backgrounds from being in contact with children and patients.Where these laws apply, you will be required to undergo a criminal background check, which may include fingerprinting and a search of federal and state criminal databases. A felony conviction may affect a graduate's ability to sit for the NBCOT certification examination and/or attain state licensure.Most schools want a 3.0 at minnium, and my gre was only a 830.I do have other things like being a veteran, with my job i work with MS patients all day. Any thoughts, or what I could do to help my chances? Now I have to decide between CSU and Texas Women's University....


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