Grammar Rubric Essay

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Sophisticated transitional sentences often develop one idea from the previous one or identify their logical relations.It guides the reader through the chain of reasoning or progression of ideas.

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That way, each person knows where he needs to focus his attention to improve his grade.

The clearer your expectations are and the more feedback you give your students, the more successful your students will be.

That's 4,036 pages filled with thousands of practical activities and tips that you can start using today.

Correct word usage, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar; correct citation of sources; minimal to no spelling errors; absolutely no run-on sentences or comma splices.

Understands and critically evaluates its sources; appropriately limits and defines terms.

Uses a logical structure appropriate to paper's subject, purpose, audience, thesis, and disciplinary field.

Presents central idea in general terms often depending on platitudes or cliches. Shows basic comprehension of sources, perhaps with some lapses in understanding.

If it defines terms, often depends on dictionary definitions.

If you do, they will know exactly what your expectations are and what they need to accomplish to get the grade they desire.

You may even choose to make a copy of the rubric for each paper and circle where the student lands for each criterion.


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