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Entrepreneur groups, chambers of commerce, and women’s/men’s groups all help you get to know other businesspeople in your area so when they need a designer, they think of you first.Also, foster relationships with complementary businesses like copywriters, web developers, print shops, marketing specialists, and small business advisers – when their clients need your services, you’ll be on the short list of who to call. There are all sorts of quality clients who are searching for long-term freelancing partners on sites like Upwork.You can be better prepared for the first couple of years by drafting up a simple one page business plan.

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Work one project through a site and you just might earn a great client for years.

Before you start setting up social media, you’ll want to register a domain.

In order to get those ideal clients and projects you’ll need to start a successful graphic design business, you need a portfolio of your best work. However, if you’re just starting out, stellar portfolio pieces can be hard to come by.

This is where you have to get creative: If you’re just getting started and need a cheap but reliable web host, we recommend Bluehost.

This is one of the toughest questions to answer honestly, and it’s one many successful veteran creative entrepreneurs still evaluate themselves with: If you’re unsure, check out Dribbble, Behance, Etsy, Smug Mug, or wherever professionals in your industry post or sell portfolio pieces. If you’ve still got improving to do (and really, who among us doesn’t? Both Ferrari and Kia are profitable car companies, and while your current skill set may only allow you to charge Ford prices or retain Mercedes-level clients, you can always take classes, study tutorials, and hone your skills to move up to that next level. Ask three trusted sources to give your their honest opinions on industry professionals’ work versus yours.

More on I think most of us initially secretly responded with, “I just need clients who want to pay me to do stuff.If you’re a little further along and need a host that can handle more serious traffic needs, we recommend WP Engine.For more on creating winning digital and physical portfolios, try these: This is easily one of the most challenging aspects of starting your own design business: determining what you’re going to charge. 10-year veterans still fret over whether or not they’re charging enough, how to charge more, and if they’re selling themselves short.The details really don’t matter.” At the outset, any job is exciting and any client is a chance to prove to yourself and your doubting Thomas that you ARE good enough to be a professional designer. Food isn’t free.) Soon enough, though, you’re going to get tired of working long hours for peanuts, dealing with a demanding client you can’t afford to ditch, and working on projects you really don’t enjoy.If you’re not happy as an entrepreneur, your business isn’t going to last very long because it’s not going to feel worth it enough to continue.A lot of hard work…and persistence, and dedication, and long days and nights, and weighty decisions you can’t pass off to anyone else.But it also means a flexible schedule, a measure of control over your own financial security, additional vacation time, no commute, limitless growth possibilities, the ability to say no to a client or project, and a thousand other wonderful freedoms.Then define your ideal projects and your ideal clients, and research how and where to find them.(More on that below.) The truth is, you can get better freelance work by defining your dream client.Maybe you’re still only dreaming about starting your own graphic design business.Or perhaps you’re doing a few side-jobs in your free time hoping to start a graphic design business full-time.


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