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This moon has more similarities to Earth than many other planets, including thermal vents under its crust, salt-water oceans, and plumes.These attributes point to the possibility of life on this ice-moon.Earth also has underwater thermal vents, which indicates another similarity to Earth.

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The geysers supply Saturn's E Ring with ice particles and gasses.The exploration of Enceladus could be the next giant leap for mankind." Grade: 8 The Academy for Science and Design Nashua, New Hampshire Teacher: Kevin Harbison "The concept of life in outer space has intrigued and excited the minds of many.For centuries, we have theorized about life outside of Earth.These microparticles only form in liquid water and an environment whose temperatures exceed 90 degrees (19 degrees F).They were found in the E ring, which derives a majority of it's material from the Enceladus Plumes.First, the plumes are powerful enough to break out of the atmosphere because they travel about 800 mph.Second, there are hotspots under the ocean that cause the plumes.The plumes might have similar characteristics to Earth's geysers.I identified three reasons that Enceladus is the best target.Silica nanograins are created when water and rock are in contact at over 90 degrees Celsius.Also, heat causes water to rise, like the vents cause the water to rise and be expelled from the ocean in the form of plumes.


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