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As long as we do this, butter our skin to keep it soft, we can believe that we will someday get out, that we will be touched again, in love or desire. “ (pg 120) For offered, doing something on her own that breaks the monotony of her controlled and calculated existence, gives her a feeling of self that is unattainable by following the shepherd of Gilead like a lost sheep. Something that will not be missed.” (pg 120) she wants to be “doing something, on [her] own”.Executing the heist of the flower is freeing for offered and possibly for the first time since the revolution, she feels alive. The act of theft pleases the oppressed woman and makes her think, “I like this”. Margaret Atwood uses Simple acts of revolt often offer a sense of rebellion in extreme oppression that contributes to the ability to achieve individual identity.

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A theme is an underlying meaning (or message) of the story.

You know all about chemical spills, the oppression of women, declining fertility rates, and the story of a Handmaid (Offred) and her life in a totalitarian society. (I’ve also included essay ideas to help you get started with your analysis and a few example essays to help inspire your writing.) themes included in this list, keep in mind that a theme is different than the plot. In this case, the plot revolves around the tale of a Handmaid named Offred.

Shaping identity is at the core of most every individuals being.

Identity defines you as well as separates and shapes each individual giving them the qualities that makes them unique in a vast pool of the sameness.

Essentially, they become complacent, and this has allowed increasingly more freedom to be taken away.

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The Guardians of the Faith and The Eyes are prime examples.Imprisoned at the Red Centre in Gilead, offered, the narrator and generally all women are forbidden from speaking to the other women captives or using personal names. ” (pg 4)Memories, especially images of a life prior to Gilead enable offered the ability to reclaim a piece of herself. She holds on dearly to these wisps of her past and identifies with every distinct moment as if by losing them she will lose her own existence or identity. By doing this, she has enough strength to bide her time and keep hope that one day she would be able to once again achieve her own identity.It doesn’t take them long to break the rules and assert their minimal power to reclaim a small but significant piece of themselves, their names. So any alone time that is allowed to offer is spent reliving her past and restoring the bits and pieces of a life that once was. Acts of defiance against the ruling regime also expose offered as insubordinate.Their complacency continues as long as they’re given some amount of control (over something or someone).People become so accustomed to their lives that they don’t always see the true dangers of living in a society in which they’re under complete control of the government.Generally people have an undying will to characterize themselves and will go to great lengths to achieve a sense of distinction.We separate ourselves from the pack with different clothes, make-up, personality traits, language and even jobs that stamp out an impression of what we become and help carve out our individuality.Chasing individuality does not always come easy and can have disastrous consequences to those who dare to break the mold but generally it is a pursuit worth risking.So what happens when these simple privileges are stripped away only to be thrown into a totalitarian state that plans, plots and carries out your every move, right down to your dress and purpose in life.Many people today worry about freedoms being stripped away.Consider connecting The Handmaid’s Tale to current discussions of gun control, abortion, or freedom of speech. Check out this example essay that connects The Handmaid’s Tale to current society.


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