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Stylizing your handwritten notes gives you a chance to further analyze and organize thoughts and ideas to make note taking more efficient and personalized.Ballpoint Pens – the perfect solution for those looking for a no-frills pen that’s both easy and accessible to use.

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This can be further enhanced by using different colored pen types as a color-coding system to organize thoughts and form more connections.

Strong writers can identify relationships between abstract ideas and also develop unconventional solutions to complex problems.

With our smartphones and laptops, we’re typing on keyboards more frequently than writing by hand.

Typing has become our go-to method of writing for everything, from work emails to personal to-do lists.

This mindless transcription can lead to a lack of meaningful understanding and application of the information, although you may be able to type more words quickly.

Handwriting is a neurosensory exercise, so it’s important to choose the pen types that fit your writing style and needs.Rollerball Pens – offer consistent ink flow with a variety of styles and point-sizes.Rollerball pens are great for those who want variation but still expect dependability.Stylus pens are an all-in-one solution for people who like writing by hand, but want the digital convenience associated with typing. The benefits of handwriting don’t stop at more efficient and effective note taking – handwriting also allows you to take a deeper look at your personality. These can serve as effective memory cues by recreating the context and content from the original lecture or meeting.When you write things out, you create spatial relations between each bit of information you’re recording.Though a little more time consuming, there are many benefits of handwriting your notes.Longhand notes allow for better short- and long-term memory recall because they contain your own words and handwriting.In this essay I wanted to focus on writing scenes of memory.In the previous essay I didn’t work as hard as I could have on the scene I chose to include and did not develop it very much.


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