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For example, if a person enjoys dancing, then he/she should dance a lot.

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People do everything they can to achieve happiness.

Happiness is the main goal of people’s lives (Chittister, 2011, p. Therefore, they build relationships, go to work, and find hobbies in order to be happy.

Happiness is a state of mind, over which a person can gain control.

Happiness is dependent on the way a person perceives the situation he/she is in (Chittister, 2011, p. It means that two different people can perceive the same event differently.

Happiness is lying on the green grass on the sunny summer day.

To achieve happiness, the person has to do more of those things which make him/her happy.Happiness depends on the personal values of a person (Pliskin, 1999, p. It means that a person achieves happiness according to his/her own perception of what things make him/her happy. Happiness is when people, who love each other, are walking and holding hands.For example, happiness is when the person whom you love brings you a cup of hot chocolate in the morning, kisses you on a cheek, and hugs you. Happiness is watching how your child learns to ride a bicycle and how your parents smile.People often feel sad because of insignificant things.In order to be happy, each person must gain control over his/her own emotions, and it will enable this person to control his/her own mood and feelings.However, it is impossible to find something when you do not know what you are looking for, so it is important to understand what ‘happiness’ means.Even though happiness can mean different things to different people, it is a positive state of mind, during which a person feels satisfied with himself/herself and his/her life, and perceives the things which he/she experiences as pleasurable and satisfying.These people serve as a proof to the claim that happiness is not a result of material wealth.Happiness is brought to people by different things.Happiness is achieved by making a decision, and not by chance.When a person is in harmony with him-/herself, and when he/she decides that he/she is happy, that person achieves the state of happiness.


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