Hdr Photography Essay

The theory behind HDR is to take multiple versions of the same image with different exposure settings, then blend those together so that the overall exposure is much broader than the camera can capture on its own, and closer to what we actually see.

Read the rest of this entry » Hounds work well as a concentrated essence since, despite being members of a pack with a common purpose, no two are alike.

Read the rest of this entry » I typically come down on the engineering side of the analysis vs artistic spectrum, and this manifests in my photography as wanting to see the whole scene: the entire horse and rider, the full pack of hounds, and so forth. I know this because, whenever happenstance intervenes and forces a moving target to be cropped in ways I would never have planned, I am often much pleased with the results.

When I stand too close to the action with a particular lens and try to get something useful anyway, the image is reduced to its essentials.

We see very well in both dim light and blazing sunshine, but for a camera we must choose those conditions in our settings or be disappointed.

Depending on the settings, the camera decides to set the exposure to maximize the overall utility of the resulting image, but this reduces the range of absolute darkness and absolute brightness compared to our own vision.

Here we have two hounds scenting, two ready to roll, and one howling in frustration at standing about.

If you could take this in your hand and squeeze it like a sponge, pure “foxhound” would ooze out.

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