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There is certainly a place for humour and warmth but the content of a remembrance speech should always remain respectful.

The task of summarising the events of a whole life into one single speech is almost impossible.

In presenting the eulogy, your role is not to judge or measure the life of the deceased.

A remembrance speech is not the platform through which to refer to inappropriate memories or to tell tales.

Take the time to redraft your words until you are satisfied that the meaning is clear, and the sequence is logical. Speak slowly and rehearse carefully the pronunciation of unfamiliar names and places.

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We find that most eulogies are between five and ten minutes in duration.

You have been chosen to present the eulogy because of your personal qualities, let this be a comfort and a source of confidence.

As far as possible, let the emphasis of your speech fall on positive and uplifting memories.

We hope this guide will help you feel more confident in yourself and ensure you avoid making some of the most common eulogy mistakes.

The 4 Do’s of Eulogy Writing It is most important that you thoroughly prepare your remembrance speech.


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