Hillary'S Thesis

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Clinton characterized Alinsky as "neo-Hobbesian" in his philosophy of power, i.e. Liberals, by contrast, were committed to working within the established system.

In choosing Yale Law School, Clinton chose the path of the liberal.

He feared the top-down approach taken by the Johnson-era programs would be used by social service bureaucrats and city government to keep the poor in line.

Clinton observed that while Alinsky's model had improved the lives of the Back of the Yards community, it also produced a community that was resistant to racial integration and supportive of the 1968 presidential campaign of Alabama Gov. The thesis is 84 pages long, including appendices, It is written in academic language that is clear, and generally free from social science jargon.

The thesis, entitled "There is only the fight: An analysis of the Alinsky model," was written by a young woman then using the name Hillary D. It was submitted as part of an honors program in political science.

In her thesis, Clinton analyzed the career of a man who she described in a section heading as, " Saul David Alinsky: An American Radical." Alinsky was a community organizer who came to public attention in 1939 by helping to create the Back of the Yards Council in the Chicago neighborhood that was the setting for "The Jungle," Upton Sinclair's novel exposing the meatpacking industry.

Ten months ago, NBC and CNN, under immense pressure.

Likewise, Obama also worked for Alinsky organizations in Chicago, taught seminars on Alinsky’s methods as a professor and adopted the man’s strategies of class.

Typed in the days before personal computers, it is free from spelling errors, though vertical slashes added by hand to separate words abound in the manuscript.

Even now, the Wellesley College library archive does not permit then entire thesis to be photocopied, and the text is not available on the Internet.


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