Homework For Year 7

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Other than that I have been asking probing questions to get her to think through what the answer might be. I just get the odd question which I help with but otherwise all unaided. I've always said I won't do homework which adult needs to do more than child.

I would maybe write in her homework diary she tried but found this too difficult or on the work but I would not be doing it for her.

I stopped giving help with homework to my children in Year 7 because their schools advised all parents to "step back and allow independent homework and to only provide resources such as paint, card paper, books for extensive reading and research." I must admit that in the beginning it felt weird not to get involved in my children's homework and often used to have a sneak-peak in their homework books and my children were really annoyed with me. I'm happy to try to help if she is really stuck, or, for example, needs someone to test her on revision/learning type homework, but otherwise I don't get involved.

TBH the same policy as we've had since about Year 3!

School will want to know what she can do, not what mum can do.

I've taught plenty of kids who hand in perfect homework then do really badly on tests, so it's clearly not their work.It's time to let her do it, check she's done it, then pack her off to school.If she asks for help, then give her a bit, but it sounds like she's suffering from learned helplessness where she's happy for you to take over.Last night she had science and had to give definitions of a few words.She googled them and copied them down, memorised them, passed the book to me.... I did feel obliged to provide explanations and correct definitions & encourage her to use her text book, which is huge & seems to intimidate her.I e-mail though I am not sure the best method in secondary yet.Mine used Mathletics online previously which is about £40 a year but might help her though I would ask the schools advice on what best to use as secondaries may use something else, negative numbers should have been covered in primary and Mathletics goes up year by year to GCSE.I think it's fine to run through the theory with her but make sure she does the questions on her own.Thanks purple I used a number line and showed her simply how it worked and then got her to do it using the actual question.Her primary didn't do much science, I let loose wording and errors go into school but when she has it horribly wrong (the website she used confused evaporation with boiling for example) I can't help myself.If she's crying I would definitely help though I would also let the school know that she's upset and she can't do it unaided maybe discreetly.


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