How To Answer Critical Thinking Questions

How To Answer Critical Thinking Questions-5
Staff who hold these positions require well-developed critical thinking skills.

Staff who hold these positions require well-developed critical thinking skills.When compiling your list of interview questions, go way beyond the job skills or experience needed.

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We’re splitting the question examples into technical roles and roles that involve people skills. There can never be a template for critical thinking interview questions because each position and company differs, so use these as a guide to inspire you.

You’ll notice that the issues listed above are very broad and there’s no right or wrong answer or outcome.

A factory was trying out a new process for producing one of its products, with the goal of reducing production costs.

A trial production run using the new process showed a fifteen percent reduction in costs compared with past performance using the standard process.

For example, if the role requires critical decisions on a technical level, the questions must be structured around the relevant skill. Plan every step in the recruitment process before the interviews start. Make the candidate think about how they would respond to and react in specific, tricky situations.

If the role requires critical thinking around people (customers or staff), focus on people skills. If a role needs rational decision making, a list of critical thinking interview questions must be compiled, preferably by the hiring team rather than just the hiring manager. You’re not necessarily looking for the right or wrong answers or solutions.Critical thinking interview questions are one of the tools available to hiring managers to gauge how a candidate will handle unpredictable situations that may arise on the job.There are plenty of examples of different types of interview questions available, but your questions must relate to the position and the environment in your company.Answer: C Answer Explanation: The managers concluded that the new process produced a cost savings on the basis of a trial run of the process in which costs were 15 percent lower than they had been previously.You are asked to identify something that casts doubt on their conclusion. If production costs at the factory fell for a similar product that was produced without using the new process, it is more doubtful that the observed production cost reductions achieved during the trial run were actually produced by the new process.People who have high emotional intelligence and developed critical thinking skills won’t give you any old answer.Faced with a complicated situation, their critical thinking will kick in, and they’ll most likely ask you some questions for more clarity.Choices D and E are incorrect since by emphasizing that certain aspects of the product — its design and raw materials — were the same in the standard process and the new process, these two answer choices support, rather than cast doubt on, the conclusion that the process itself produced the savings. Passengers must exit airplanes swiftly after accidents, since gases released following accidents are toxic to humans and often explode soon after being released.In order to prevent passenger deaths from gas inhalation, safety officials recommend that passengers be provided with smoke hoods that prevent inhalation of the gases.Whether they have to think on their feet or address long-standing problems, people with well-developed critical-thinking skills can face a given situation and resolve it in the best way possible.They also don’t hesitate to make unpopular decisions if it’s in the best interest of the company or people involved.


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