How To Compile A Business Plan

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Here you want to include tax returns, loan information, franchise agreements, building lease contracts and any other documentation that will show financial institutions that you have support. Add a cover page to the beginning of your business plan displaying the business name, title of "Business Plan," date, address, phone, email and website.Also add a table of contents page so that viewers can navigate directly to sections they are most interested in. Specializing in technology, crafts and business practices, her articles appear on e How and Answerbag.

Here’s the good news: writing your business plan doesn’t have to be this daunting, cumbersome chore.

Once you understand the fundamental questions that your business plan should answer for your readers and how to position everything in a way that compels your them to take action, writing it becomes way more approachable.

You might be a prodigy in quantum mechanics, but if you show up to your interview rocking cargo shorts and lime green Crocs, you can probably guess what the hiring manager is going to notice first.

In the same way, you present your business plan to your readers equally as important as what you present to them.

For most founders, writing a business plan feels like the startup equivalent of homework.

It’s the thing you know you have to do, but nobody actually wants to do.Limit your plan to two typefaces (one for headings and one for body copy and subheadings, for example) that you can find in a standard text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.Only pick fonts that are easy to read and contain both capital and lowercase letters.Here’s some easy formatting tips to help you do just that.If your margins are too narrow, it makes the page look super cluttered and more difficult to read.A business plan can help outline your business purpose and prove how you plan on generating income.Putting together all of your business goals and financial reports into one document will help you present your business to banks if you need to apply for a loan or convince private investors to invest in your business.If you are developing products, you need to determine procedures related to product development. If you are not in business yet, this is where you will project costs related to your business versus the income you plan to bring in.As you continue to do business, build documents to add to your business plan each quarter.You should be able to refine all of the key value points that investors look for to 15-20 pages (not including appendices where you will detail your financials).If you find yourself writing beyond that, then it’s probably a case of either over explaining, repeating information, or including irrelevant details (you don’t need to devote 10 pages to how you’re going to set up your website, for example).


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