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When the SAT was revamped in 2016, the SAT Essay underwent significant changes. Many colleges still require students to submit an SAT Essay score, however, so this change is not as major as those that occurred to the essay’s structure and purpose.The old SAT essay consisted of a question for debate, and students were to present a clear argument for one side.SAT Writing (tips of College Board) is one of three section of the exam, which also includes sentence correction, division on paragraphs and search for the mistakes in sentences and texts.

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For each section of SAT you can receive from 200 to 800 points, so if you answer all the questions correctly, your result will be 2400 points.

If you are a regular student, like all of us, the average SAT result is 1500-1600 points. You should write on the special sheets for answers and use only pencil. For 25 minutes you have to write a meaningful text and show that you are able to: Your essay will be read by two specially trained examiners which are the teachers at school or college.

However, here is how we recommend you allocate those 50 minutes: We recommend reading the prompts first because it will give you an appropriate lens with which to read the passage.

When you read it, you should be looking for the answers to the prompts and supporting evidence that you can use in your essay. Outline: Graders can usually tell when a student hasn’t structured and planned out their argument beforehand.

The best way to get a high score is to practice and improve your writing skills, until your answers will not resemble an essay that received the highest score.

SAT Writing is a quite complicated section of the test, that’s why your preparation should be hard and effective.

Having applied to over 8 universities, each with different application platforms and requirements, she is eager to share her knowledge now that her application process is over.

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College Board website provides the examples of the essays that received different marks so you can understand what is required of you.

Before you begin to write an essay during the exam, you will get approximately the following instructions with the statement: "Some people believe that if you want to climb the ladder of success and achievement quickly, you should forget about the past, repress it and leave. They treat memories as an opportunity to rely on the past and unite present and past events." Question: Are memories a hindrance or they help people to understand their mistakes of the past and succeed in the present?


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