How To Solve Internet Problem

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Unlike other so-called smart network switch apps, Speedify never switches you to an inferior Wi-Fi network.

Wireless internet is like electricity at this point — you only notice it exists when it stops working. You can even fix it yourself with a few, simple tips.

If you live in an apartment building, other routers might be interfering with yours.

Free software like Net Spot on Mac and Windows (and Android) or Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android, can show you every wireless network nearby, and what channel they’re using.

The nice part is Speedify will alsoto keep your metered connections (such as celluar data) at a minimum.

If your Wi-Fi network drops, you stay connected with the mobile data for only as long as it takes to restore the Wi-Fi connection.

to provide a fast, stable and secure Internet connection.

With Speedify, you are able to keep enjoying a solid connection while it automatically takes care of all of your connection issues.

On most routers, there’s a “Reset” button which you can hold down with a paperclip.

Do so for 30 seconds and the router should default from factory settings.


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