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Identify any limitations or any ways which you can extend this exploration further.

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Aperture is measured in F-stop or f-number, with a larger number signifying a smaller opening in the lens resulting in lesser light received by the sensor; and a lower F-stop number creating a bigger diameter in the lens opening.

It can be said that the relationship between the diameter and the F-stop number is inversely proportional to each other.

Noting again that calculators are not permitted on the Paper 1 exam for both Mathematics SL and HL, Examiners will set questions assuming that all candidates have a GDC with the minimum functionalities listed here.

Candidates using only four-function or scientific calculators, or a less able GDC will be at a disadvantage." To be approved for use on IB exams, a GDC must have its memory cleared and all user-written/downloaded programs and applications must be removed (except for a limited number of specifically approved applications).

There is now Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (AA) SL/HL, and Mathematics Applications and Interpretations (AI) SL/HL.

Math AA is more similar to the old SL/HL courses and Math AI SL more similar to Studies.

In this IA, I wrote about photography and its connection to Mathematics Standard Level subjects that we have studied.

To view my Internal Assessment I submitted just open the PDF right below this!


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