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Thus, the historical content that does not meet the criteria of individuals or groups undergo rejection.Cultural values considerably influence legacies and sharing of history.On the other hand, negative legacies describe aspects that are unattractive and often face rejection by family members.

The meanings derived from family legacies are not restricted within the family, but also affect the life of an individual beyond the family context.

The regulations on family narratives ensure minimal alteration of meanings so that subsequent generations do not discard traditions and culture due to misinterpretations.

Thus, it creates a comprehensive framework upon which family members can jointly participate in the evaluation of norms and traditions that facilitate the identity development.

The contribution by family members from different generations in family narratives introduces impacts on identity at the individual, family and cultural level.

Family storytelling presents a firsthand opportunity for individuals to define themselves.

The scope of family narratives accommodates a variety of participants from different generations.

In some cases, individuals extend family legacies in order to address aspects of interaction with non-family members.

One of the main channels through which families create a sense of identity among its members, and foster family culture is family narratives.

These influences may be either positive or negative.

Favorable legacies entail aspects that portray features such as cohesive, hardworking and caring families.


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