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Choose the necessary TASK TYPE from the drop-down menu.Specify the SOURCE, that is the name of the book/pages or the URL/ of the website where you took the task from. When you request assessment, the system will send me an email saying that you would like to get feedback.Opportunities to get both written and oral feedback is what is special about English Lab. It really helps a lot to discuss an essay for 15-30 minutes by Skype, this time could in some cases save you hundreds of dollars and weeks of pointless writing more and more essays making the same mistakes again and again.

Take the band scores among Taiwanese students for example, the average IELTS band is 5.9/9.0 while the average for writing is a mere band 5.9/ 9.0. 雅思的寫作是台灣學生最弱的一環, 雖然大家的雅思平均分數有5.9分,但是寫作的平均只有5.5分。 我們最常聽到的,就是學生上完了雅思寫作課,想要練習卻沒有人給他們專業的評語跟講解, 導致許多錯誤一再地被重複, 又或是許多坊間的批改只有指出錯誤,但沒有解釋如何糾正。 有鑑於此,IELTS 101 在這裡推出寫作批改服務。 One of the most common complaints we have heard from students is that they can’t get enough practice in writing, let alone to have an experienced IELTS instructor to provide them with constructive feedback.

As a result, the same mistakes repeatedly appear in their writing.

Get your essay checked with detailed feedback and an IELTS band score.

I will assess your IELTS Essays and give you an extensive feedback.

Our IELTS Essay Correction Services help candidates to understand their weaknesses in writing and the areas that they need to be worked on.

We know the exam inside out and can give you tips to increase your band score.Type the wording of the task = the topic of your essay (and NOT the essay itself). If you need an exhaustive list of IELTS essay topics, IELTS letter writing topics, etc click on SAMPLE EXAM TASKS at the top of the page there – you will see a lot of those! It normally takes me 24 to 72 hours to provide feedback to a new user.If you are a regular student of mine, you can get your essays assessed on a regular basis, up to 4 essays per day.As a rule, getting an IELTS or TOEFLi BT assessed and commented on (corrective feedback, the most awkward mistakes only) in writing plus 30 mins of oral feedback costs EUR 22.It might seem a lot, but you will learn more about essay writing by getting proper feedback and having a 30-minute conversation about ways to boost your score than by writing 20 essays without getting any feedback at all.All documents will be returned as a Microsoft Word document so that the track changes feature can be used to show changes and comments.If you choose to send either 2 or 4 tasks you don’t need to send them all at once.I accept documents in Microsoft Word format (or .docx), rich text (.rtf) or text (.txt).If you’d like to submit your document as a different format please contact me first.And the good news is that getting your 1st essay assessed is FREE.If you like the assessment and feedback, and would like to have your essays assessed and corrected, you can order an essay grading package.


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