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Hitler began to restrict the Jews with legislation and terror, which entailed burning books written by Jews, removing Jews from their professions and public schools, confiscating their businesses and property and excluding them from public events.

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When the elections were held on March 5, the Nazis received nearly 44 percent of the vote, and with 8 percent offered by the Conservatives, won a majority in the government.

The Nazis moved swiftly to consolidate their power into a dictatorship. It sanctioned Hitler’s dictatorial efforts and legally enabled him to pursue them further.

Dachau’s purpose changed over time and eventually became another brutal concentration camp for Jews.

By the end of 1934 Hitler was in absolute control of Germany, and his campaign against the Jews in full swing.

They arrested their leaders and banned their political meetings.

Then, in the midst of the election campaign, on February 27, 1933, the Reichstag building burned.Rather, they were the victims of Germany’s deliberate and systematic attempt to annihilate the entire Jewish population of Europe, a plan Hitler called the “Final Solution” ().After its defeat in World War I, Germany was humiliated by the Versailles Treaty, which reduced its prewar territory, drastically reduced its armed forces, demanded the recognition of its guilt for the war, and stipulated it pay reparations to the allied powers.The Nazi Party had taken advantage of the political unrest in Germany to gain an electoral foothold.The Nazis incited clashes with the communists and conducted a vicious propaganda campaign against its political opponents – the weak Weimar government and the Jews whom the Nazis blamed for Germany’s ills.A major tool of the Nazis’ propaganda assault was the weekly Nazi newspaper also regularly featured cartoons of Jews in which they were caricatured as hooked-nosed and ape-like.The influence of the newspaper was far-reaching: by 1938 about a half million copies were distributed weekly.Massive inflation followed by very high unemployment heightened existing class and political differences and began to undermine the government.On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party, was named chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg after the Nazi party won a significant percentage of the vote in the elections of 1932.This judgment led to a certain conjecture about the character of the peoples who spoke these languages; the conclusion was that the ‘Aryan’ peoples were likewise superior to the ‘Semitic’ ones” The Nazis then combined their racial theories with the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin to justify their treatment of the Jews.The Germans, as the strongest and fittest, were destined to rule, while the weak and racially adulterated Jews were doomed to extinction.


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