Leadership Development Dissertations

Scharp PDF Rural General Education Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Inclusion: A Study of Candidates’ Self-efficacy and Attitude toward Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms, Neria Sebastien PDF Community College Instructors Perception of the Influence of Online Best Teaching Practices on Student Outcomes, Anthony S.

Spagnuolo PDF Understanding the Authenticity of University-Based Mentoring Experiences of Aspiring Principals in the Turnaround School Leaders Program (TSLP): A Multiple Case Study, Christine Spear PDF Perceptions of Academic Success and Quality of Life Issues Among Undergraduate University Students, Susan Sunden PDF Using Teachers’ Experience with Technology to Understand Their Learning and Teaching Styles, Andrea E. Tennant PDF The Preparedness of Teachers in the Midwest Lutheran Synod to Teach English Language Learners: A Case Study in One High School, Ben Troge PDF Generation Z: Perceptions from Today’s Collegiate Athlete on the Coach-Athlete Relationship and Its Impact on Success in Athletics, Mandy R.

Mc Pherson PDF The Experiences of Houston Teachers Using Incentives to Motivate Low Performing Students, Dinah L.

Melton PDF Perspectives of Adult Learners and Faculty on Technology Integration and Student Achievement Levels, Joy Melvin PDF Technology Integration Experiences and Perceptions of Southeastern Secondary Teachers, Candace M.

Bell PDF Implications of Teacher Participation in a Professional Learning Community on Teacher Effectiveness, Jennifer Bertagni PDF A Case Study: Clery Act Policy and Implementation Strategies, Sara Beverage PDF Teacher Absenteeism: An Analysis of the Possible Correlation to Student Achievement in Math and English Language Arts, Lori E.

Bowman PDF A Qualitative Case Study Examining the Perceptions of Elementary Principals in the Retention of Female Versus Male Students in Rural Areas, Lindell N.Coleman-Weathersbee PDF Case Study of a New Teacher Mentoring and Induction Program, Jennifer S.Collins PDF The Effects of the Acquisition of Digital Badges on Second Grade Literacy, Mindi Outlaw Collins PDF How Connecticut Educators Encourage Secondary Students to Apply Creativity, Elise L.Davis PDF How Teachers Facilitate Academic Commitment in Elementary School Students: A Phenomenological Study, Lindsay T.De Feo-Feibus PDF Utilizing the Universal Design for Learning Model to Improve Educational Environments in Secondary Inclusive Classrooms, Robyn A.Barrie PDF The Impact of Life Skills Students on General Education Elementary Teachers' Attitudes Toward Inclusive Education, Kim Bayer PDF A Study of Customer Relationship Management and Undergraduate Degree Seeking Student Retention, Christopher A.Beloin PDF A Case Study of How Principals Create Collaborative Environments, Amy Blakey PDF Game Play in Education: An Exploration of the What, How, and Why, Carrin Lynn Blyth PDF Using Data-Driven Decision-Making to Drive Instructional Decisions with High School Mathematics Teachers, Heidi Bouchard PDF A Phenomenological Study of Third-Grade Through Fifth-Grade Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Confidence to Teach Struggling Readers, Kristin N.Dardani PDF The Effects of a Health Career Ladder Program in a Rural Community: Case Study, Jeannie Lynn Davis PDF Determining Impact of Appreciative Inquiry: A Case Study, Kimberly Davis PDF Pre-Service Teacher Perception of Instructor Emotional Intelligence, Catherine Deane PDF A Case Study of Fine Arts Teachers’ Perceptions of e Portfolio Evaluation as Professional Development, Jacquelynn S.de Montmollin PDF A Case Study of the Perceptions of Teacher Job Satisfaction Working Under a Transformational and Distributed Leadership Style, James A.Griffin PDF Schools' Mission Statements, Local Education Agencies' Strategic Plans, and School Accountability, Amber Holomshek PDF The Relationship Between Reading Level and Standardized Achievement Results, Monifa Johnson PDF Middle School Teacher Perceptions of the Use of the Growth Mindset Strategies to Improve Student Motivation in Title I Schools, Aressa R.Jones PDF A Study of the Implementation of Digital Textbooks in Middle Schools, Jessica A.


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