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And lots of soft drinks and bottled water to finish it off. Dad always told us, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Translation: There was no chance that he would allow us to simply show up at the office and sell snacks out of a box.If this was going to be a business, we had to it like a business.Then we’d make our rounds through all the different break rooms around the building, setting up and restocking our display racks.

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We replenished the snacks and soft drinks weekly, but Denise and I were both in school all day during the week, so there was no one left to “mind the store.” That meant we had to rely on the honor system. until the money came up short a couple of weeks in a row. His own team members were ripping off his daughters! That led to a quick rebranding of our little enterprise.

We posted our prices next to the displays and set out a collection jar for the money. From that day on, our business was known as “Your Integrity Snacks.” If someone was going to take something without paying, then they had to steal from a business called “Your Integrity”!

I am estimating the giving of the presentations will be about 3 to 5 days. Objective: To learn to use all features of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point to create charts and graphs and use those charts and graphs to make a Power Point Presentation on your lemonade stand's profit/loss for the month.

Use the information generated playing the Lemonade Stand to create an income statement using Excel to use in the Power Point presentation. go to play the lemonade game on the Internet for the full 25 days and record all data on the chart provided.

The snack shop idea was so simple, but it actually made some pretty good money for us.

More than the money, though, it taught two young teenagers how to run a business, serve customers, and turn a profit.There was only one rule for Dad’s team members: Don’t eat it if you can’t pay for it! For a few years, it seemed like Denise and I made a small fortune in loose change.I remember the first big purchase we made for the business was an automatic change sorter and money roller.As you can imagine, Denise and I blankly stared back at him with our fourteen- and sixteen-year-old eyes, thinking he was crazy. Why in the world do we need to open our own business?” If you know anything about my dad, you can imagine him getting excited about the idea and going on and on about profit and loss statements, managing products, and learning how to be entrepreneurs.You can work with a class member and they can help you record all the data you need the first day and you can help them record the second day.2. Create an INTERESTING Power Point presentation incorporating the graphs and charts along with pictures, sounds, etc.Utilize the data you recorded to create graphs and charts in Excel. to give a report to your Board of Directors on the profits/losses of the month.5.I remember barely being able to push that giant cart because it weighed more than Denise and me combined!Once we finally got all of our inventory into the car, we’d drive it over to the office, borrow a hand truck from shipping, and unload the car ourselves.When we realized that he was serious, we started brainstorming how we were going to pull off our own business. At the time, Dad’s growing company was filled with more than 150 team members.Do you know what hardworking people really like at work? I’m talking about chips, candy bars, nuts, cookies, and granola bars.


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