Lesson Plan For Writing A Personal Statement

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It will help set the stage for developing their personal statements. think that by the time they go to work they will flip a switch and have an amazing personal brand,” says Pamila Brown, a community investment specialist with Manpower Group.

“But laying the foundation today for your personal brand is very important.

Perhaps you are a brother or sister or another family title, so that could be another square.

Now think about the way people see you; are you a brain, a class clown, a track star.

This particular lesson plan involves the Work Brand article linked above and guides students through the process of thinking about their plans for the future and beginning to craft personal statements that outline their goals and qualifications.

Two handouts and a fun Mad Libs assignment will provide valuable tools for reflection and self-discovery.

He says, “It’s very important for people across all generations to understand their true purpose” and to write it down.

He urges students to continually revisit that purpose statement during important life changes to make sure they are still honoring what they consider their purpose, or if they possibly need to revise it.

Begin filling up the remaining squares with those labels you have for yourself." I set a timer for six minutes and let the students talk while they are deciding what to put in these squares.

Students will reflect on their own strengths and achievements while participating in interviews with partners.


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