Life Map Assignment

Met Life’s localized approach is built on long-standing relationships developed in markets around the globe, making it easier for employees traveling on assignment abroad to access quality care in unfamiliar territory.Our Regional Service Centers (RSCs) are trained to coordinate all facets of an emergency evacuation remotely for any employees working abroad.

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We have identified 15 problems facing Pittsburgh in the 21st century: wicked problem on which to conduct research and base the 5 assignments.

These assignments are intended to introduce the concepts and objectives of each aspect of the Transition Design approach.

Think of it as your Gottman weekend homework assignment. What kinds of changes do you feel in yourself after going through these difficult times in your life?

With the passage of time our priorities, goals, likes, and dislikes inevitably change.

These questions will allow you to embark upon deep and meaningful explorations of yourself while strengthening your bond with your partner, strengthening your love for one another through the intimacy created by sharing your deepest hopes and dreams!

What kind of a legacy do you want to leave behind when you are gone? What kinds of significant goals do you still yearn to realize to feel that you have lived a full life?

The Summer Assignment Process will be treated as a second online form based assignment process.

Therefore, students who select housing during the Lottery will not be eligible to enter this process.

(Comprehensive instructions for each assignment can be found on the corresponding tabs in this section of the website).

Completed project canvases should be photographed/documented and should be supplemented with a written analysis and conclusions.


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