Love And Compassion Essay

To contribute to a better understanding of the concept, some definitional points are helpful.Important features of compassionate love include: The particular nature of individual personalities, social setting, cultural setting, genetic predisposition, and other factors limit the freedom of individuals.Some of the most noble human actions are those that express compassionate love.

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Results from research can help to give appropriate priority to this quality in the training of healthcare providers, and in the settings and circumstances provided for those who are sick.

In order to do adequate research on compassionate love, it is important to clearly articulate the various essential components, the conditions that might foster and those that might impede its expression, and to develop methodologies for assessment.

Compassionate love is not the same as romantic love, familial love, or affection, although it can accompany these other forms of love and blend with them.

The professional in a healthcare setting needs to avoid becoming too attached to the patient, and compassionate love allows for this.

It starts with the substrates discussed previously.

Given those starting points, as one encounters a specific person in a specific situation, one must make a decision to act (shown centrally in the figure), and a motive drives that decision.

There are other moments when one sets aside selfish needs for those of others, when one expresses to others, by words or actions, that they are of value.

This occurs in both professional and personal relationships.

Good actions can also emerge from motives not full of compassionate love, such as the motive to look good in the eyes of others or to feel needed, but ultimately the feedback of repeating these kinds of behaviors on the moral development of the healthcare provider can be detrimental.

It is also possible that the more self-centered, condescending, or less respectful motive is noticed by the sick person, and care is not as effective.


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