Majoring In Creative Writing

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In a business environment, writers may work as copywriters, technical writers, blog and feature writers, and as editors.

There are numerous different types of writers, such as copywriters, journalists, novelists, web writers and editors.

Eventually, I realized that although freelance writing wasn’t the most lucrative career path, I was so happy that I could follow my passion and enjoy some flexibility in my schedule that I decided to stick with it.

Perhaps someday I’ll settle into a 9–5 job instead, but for now, I’m satisfied with freelancing.

the skills I use in my career today, there’s a major imbalance.

Majoring In Creative Writing

In college, I spent a lot of time reading the classics — some of which I had already been assigned in high school.I’m sure that some of them freelanced occasionally, but it was never talked about.I had to figure out the importance of Linked In and social media on my own — and I still have so much to learn that it gets a bit overwhelming. I went in totally decided, started taking classes right away, and later took on a minor in film and media studies.About two years ago, I graduated, and then went on to complete a one-year program to earn my MA in political communication.Writing professionals are broadly employed in different industries, ranging from academia to business, journalism to entertainment.It’s a unique occupation, as a majority of writers are self-employed (approximately two-thirds), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Using their command of the common language of their audience, writers conceptualize, research, write, and edit polished manuscripts, poems, articles, and other types of written content.In their role, they may work across genres, from nonfiction to poetry, fiction to satire.Occasionally, I’ll come to the conclusion that while a particular choice wasn’t technically necessary for my career, I enjoyed it so much that I wouldn’t go back and change it even if I had the option. I don’t write about politics too often, but the experience definitely improved my research skills, helped me analyze media with a more critical eye, and taught me so much about recent history and our current political system that I don’t regret it one bit.It might seem strange to say that while I don’t regret my graduate degree in a field that isn’t directly related to my usual assignments, I actually have mixed feelings on my English degree.


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