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Be sure that any support that you add actually strengthens the point you’re trying to make.Here are some of the most common types of support for different types of essays: 5. Sometimes, all you need to renew your inspiration is to step away from your writing for a bit.

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It’s repetitive, it’s wordy, it contains an unnecessary quotation, and reading it is not unlike wading through mud.

Look how much that idea can be condensed when I take out the fluff: Much better. Check out Stephanie Orges’ 47 words and phrases that slow your reader down for some great examples of fluffy constructions to avoid.

There are plenty of ways to make an essay longer without sacrificing its readability or your reader’s sanity. If you’re writing a persuasive or argumentative essay, consider counterarguments or alternate views.

Assuming that you already have your essay drafted, you can use one or more of the following strategies to generate real, substantial content.1. Sure, you think that your essay is clear, persuasive, entertaining, and thorough, but sometimes we make silly leaps in logic that don’t work as well for our audience. Addressing these arguments (and taking them down point by point) not only adds length to your essay, but it strengthens your own argument, too.3. The five-paragraph essay has its place when you are learning to compose an essay.

).….choose an odd-looking font because it’s larger than average.…extra spaces after periods.…extra spaces between paragraphs.…long but ill-placed or irrelevant quotations to your essay.

People (, your instructors) who read essays for a good chunk of the day are on to these tricks.

So I know that you would never resort to cheap padding strategies, right?

But just in case you’re tempted to quote like crazy or tweak the formatting to make an essay look longer and need a reminder of why that’s a bad idea, remember that it will be totally obvious (and super annoying) if you…….increase the page margins.….increase the font size (even if it’s just the periods — don’t!

This is a good time to consider broadening the scope of your essay by……discussing a wider range of perspectives,…examining a larger population,…looking at a larger geographic area,…considering a broader time span,…etc.

And of course all of this planning works best when you start your essay well in advance of the deadline, so don’t procrastinate.


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