Manic Depression Case Studies

Manic Depression Case Studies-13
Other symptoms of atypical depression include: Antidepressants can help.

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Psychotherapy can also help support you and your family. Women who have major depression in the weeks and months after childbirth may have peripartum depression.

Seasonal affective disorder is a period of major depression that most often happens during the winter months, when the days grow short and you get less and less sunlight. Antidepressant drugs can help similarly to treating major depression that is unrelated to childbirth. But you can have a depressed mood when you're having trouble managing a stressful event in your life, such as a death in your family, a divorce, or losing your job.

Three-quarters were active research participants in the Longitudinal Study of Bipolar Disorder.

Using those findings, the team developed a framework that could be useful to researchers studying the condition, clinical teams treating it and patients experiencing it.

World Health Organization: "Depression."; Mayo Clinic: "Depression."; American Psychiatric Association: "What Is Depression?

"; Anxiety and Depression Association of America: "Understand the Facts: Depression."; Getty; Comstock Images;i Stock/Getty Images Plus; Thinkstock; Audio Jungle; Rike; Vanessa Clara Ann Vokey; Somos/Veer; Katarzyna Bialasiewicz; funduck There are many different types of depression.

Whether you're in a high or a low period, your doctor may suggest a mood stabilizer, such as lithium.

The FDA has approved three medicines to treat the depressed phase: Doctors sometimes prescribe other drugs "off label" for bipolar depression, such as the anticonvulsant lamotrigine or the atypical antipsychotic Vraylar .

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